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If mosquitoes are ruining your outdoor summer activities, Bug Zero offers many options to suppress these outdoor pests. Whether for gated communities, campgrounds, golf courses, ball parks, stadiums, outdoor parties, weddings, homes, businesses, or any other outdoor area where mosquitoes are a problem, Bug Zero’s certified technicians have the necessary equipment and knowledge to address your mosquito control needs.

Bug Zero’s mosquito control services include site evaluation and recommendation, larval control in all types of water, long-lasting surface and foliar applications, and Thermal Fog applications. Our technicians are Public Health Pest Control and Aquatic Pest Control certified and will help make your summer outdoor activities enjoyable once again.

It’s Easy to Add Mosquito Treatments and Control to Your InsectaShield® Package.

One of our most popular mosquito suppression packages is an add on to our general pest and termite residential service package, InsectaShield®. With this mosquito suppression service we treat your home back yard areas monthly during peak mosquito pressure months. The service is completed with our backpack misters that target plant foliage, shaded areas and roof edges where mosquitoes frequent. This service offers 60 days of residual value and will ensure that you can enjoy your back yard deck and pool areas throughout the summer!

Mosquito 101

  • All mosquitoes have one common requirement – they need stagnant/standing water to complete their life cycle.
  • The female mosquito needs the blood meal to develop her eggs. Male mosquitoes do not bite – they feed solely on plant nectar.
  • Female mosquitoes can develop several hundred eggs at each blood meal and lay them in or around water. The eggs are attached to one another to form a raft or the individual eggs float on the water.
  • The female mosquito begins to seek out an animal to feed on several days after emerging from the water. Adult mosquitoes can live for a period of four to eight weeks.

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