Our Tools of Choice

Exterior Bug Control: Perimeter Treatment Vehicle (PTV)

Bug Zero’s commercial clients enjoy the benefits of “Stopping ‘em at the Source”. Our PTV has been going strong since May and will continue to visit almost all of you (every 6 weeks) through the month of October.

High volume exterior applications (e.g., perimeter bug spray) are an integral part of your program and allow us to minimize interior applications needed to prevent bugs within your home or business. Perimeter bug control is a highly effective pest control service offered by Bug Zero in Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas. We are able to target most bugs before you have a chance to see them. Bug Zero’s residential and commercial exterminators take bug control to a new level with the Perimeter Treatment Vehicle. Just another cutting edge treatment process for our valuable customers.

Mosquito Fogger

Bug Zero’s mosquito control services include site evaluation and recommendation, larval control in all types of water, long-lasting surface and foliar applications, and Thermal Fog applications with the “Skeeter Deleter.” Our technicians are Public Health Pest Control and Aquatic Pest Control certified and will help make your summer outdoor activities enjoyable once again.

Bed Bug Heater

Bug Zero is the only pest control company in our service area that is an approved Bed Bug Central Partner. Don’t make the mistake of thinking all you have to do is turn up the heat to get control of bed bugs. There is no doubt that heat is deadly to bed bugs – but there is a bit more to it than meets the eye. Bug Zero’s heat specialists are trained in the proper use of Thermal Remediation® equipment. Our technicians have also graduated from “Bed Bug University” and attended national Bed Bug Summits, the National Pest Management Association’s Bed Bug Conference, and other educational opportunities. And we are not stopping there. We continue to attend workshops, follow developing research, and support funding of bed bug research.