Control Pests with Our Expert Fumigation Services

Many people misuse the term fumigation when they are requesting companies to “use the good stuff” or “mix it strong”. The factual description of fumigation is using a pesticide in a gaseous state to control insects.

In climates with year round warm weather, companies use fumigation to control dry wood termites. These are treatments you see where the entire structure is covered by a tent. In southern Missouri we instead have subterranean termites that require soil treatment for control.

Fumigation Services Are Also a Viable Option When:

  1. Liquid, dust and aerosols formulations are not suitable or have proven ineffective.
  2. Conventional treatments may damage infested materials, such as high value furnishings.
  3. 100% elimination of a pest is needed but there cannot be any residual material left on the products, such as edibles, grain products, etc…
  4. Sensitive items are involved (i.e. pharmaceuticals, taxidermy, art, antiques, furniture artifacts, textiles, clothing, structural lumber, pallets, etc…)
  5. Immediate eradication of bed bugs is required inside of cars, trucks, vans, police cars, ambulances, tractor trailer rigs, etc.

Bug Zero uses (Vikane®) gas fumigant (sulfuryl fluoride) because it is the only product with a 50-year track record of effectively and reliably eradicating pest.

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