Owner/Manager Cape Office, With Bug Zero Since 2009

Leopold, MO
What's your favorite part about working for Bug Zero?

I enjoy working to resolve pest problems for our clients and coming up with creative solutions to meet their needs. I also really enjoy working with our team of people. We have a great team.

What is your training/certification/educational background?

Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from Southeast Missouri State University;
With the Department of Ag Certified in Categories 3, 5, 7A, 7B, 7C, 8; Completed Purdue University Integrated Management Course

Favorite TV shows or movies?

Tombstone, Super Troopers, Chicago PD

Best way to spend the weekend?

At home working on the farm with my girls, hunting

How do you take your coffee?
Yes, please!


Chris has been working with Bug Zero since 2008, and he is presently the owner and manager of the Southeast Missouri office in Cape Girardeau, which opened in 2009. He and his wife Nicole have three daughters. In his free time, Chris enjoys hunting, fishing, working on the family farm, and spending time with his girls. He is a Cardinals baseball fan, as well as a Michigan Wolverine basketball and football fan. A fun fact about Chris: he is the third Chris Horrell to grow up on his family farm, as his great-grandfather, grandfather, and he each have the same name.