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Bug Zero can help you get rid of termites. Our termite inspection company can pre-treat your new home to prevent termites from ever invading your home as well as provide termite inspection and pest control services to rid your home of termites that have already begun to feed on your home.

The Culprit: Eastern Subterranean Termites

TermitesThe Eastern Subterranean termite is the most common and most widely distributed termite in North America. It is a problem for home owners and business owners throughout Missouri.

Termites feed on cellulose materials such as structural wood, wood fixtures, paper, books, and cotton. Occasionally, it will even attack the roots of shrubs and trees.

A mature colony of Eastern Subterranean termites can range from a low of 20,000 to a high of 5 million workers, with an average of 300,000. The colony’s queen will add 5,000 to 10,000 eggs per year to the total. While Eastern Sub termite colonies are not the largest termite colonies you can find, there will often be more than one of them working in a single building.

Signs of Termites

Signs of Termites

Dirt-colored tubes built to serve as protected paths from the earth to the wood the termites are feeding on. Translucent wings shed by the kings and queens during swarming. Swarming usually occurs in the spring, but other, smaller swarms can occur throughout the summer and fall.

Termite Control Services: Bora-Care

Termite TreatmentBora-Care is the ideal termite pretreatment for your new home, and is Bug Zero's treatment of choice. Bora-Care replaces soil termiticides that are pumped into the ground under and around the house. Liquid termiticides will break down.

On the other hand, Bora-Care is a termite pest control option that eliminates treated wood as a food source for termites. And studies show that termites can’t tube over Bora-Care treated wood.

The active ingredient in Bora-Care is a borate salt. Borate salts work by taking advantage of a unique feature in the biology of termites. If ingested, the insect becomes unable to extract nutrition from its food and starves to death. And because of this unique mode of action, insects cannot develop a resistance, ever.

Bora-Care penetrates the wood, protecting it throughout. Because the active ingredient in Bora-Care is a mineral salt, it doesn’t break down over time, so it remains in the wood for the life of the wood, providing residual protection.

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