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Bug Zero’s bed bug exterminators receive intensive training covering Bed Bug biology, behavior, and treatment protocols centered around Thermal Remediation®.

Rather than using harsh chemicals, sprays, or “bug bombs” to treat Bed Bugs, Bug Zero uses the proven effectiveness of heat treatments to kill Bed Bugs–not only is this the most effective method, it’s also the most environmentally friendly!

How Does It Work?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking all you have to do is turn up the heat to get control of Bed Bugs. There is no doubt that heat is deadly to bed bugs – but there is a bit more to it than meets the eye. Bug Zero’s heat specialists are trained in the proper use of Thermal Remediation® equipment. Our technicians have also graduated from Bed Bug University, attended national Bed Bug Summits, the National Pest Management Association’s Bed Bug conference, and other educational opportunities. And we are not stopping there! We continue to attend workshops, follow developing research, and even support funding of bed bug research.

Bug Zero’s technicians increase the temperature of the affected room or area to levels that are lethal to Bed Bugs; all stages die instantly at 122 degrees (eggs, larvae, and adults). In order to assure that every crack and crevice reaches lethal temperature, our heaters generate 135 degrees Fahrenheit and we hold the temperature for a full hour.

We administer the heat using high velocity fans which are focused on crucial spots where bed bugs . This eliminates bed bugs in all areas of the structure and its contents.

Bed Bugs Treatment: The Heat Advantage

A distinct advantage of heat is that, unlike chemical treatments, heat can penetrate cracks and crevices and inaccessible areas where bed bugs reside. Wireless transmitters feed a remote monitoring station to assure every area involved in the treatment reaches lethal temperatures. For effective use of high temperatures to control bed bug populations it is essential to know the survival characteristics and behavior of Bed Bugs at various temperatures and exposure times. Also important is the rate of penetration of lethal temperatures on different types of materials within the structure being treated. Bed Bugs are stimulated by a rise in air temperature and tend to forage or feed as air temperatures rise near 100F to 115F. This draws Bed Bugs out of harborage areas and towards heated zones positioning them closer to areas where they will encounter lethal heat and farther from possible escape routes. The gradual rise in temperature never triggers an escape response; rather the bed bugs seek the closest thermal refuge and die within that arena. Ultimate elimination takes place when air temperatures reach 135F and our technicians manipulate the contents of the room exposing the last few refuge areas, proving fatal for any bed bugs within those locations.

Why Not Use Conventional Materials?

We used to rely on a combination of residual insecticides, targeted heat, physical removal, and harborage exclusion. It became apparent that the chemistry available to us was woefully lacking in effectiveness. Bug Zero works too hard to settle for a compromise. When you put your trust in us, we take the responsibility very seriously. Just as we do with termites, ants, and other pests, we offer our Clients the same control methods we would use in our own homes. In the case of Bed Bugs, that means HEAT!

FAQ’s About Our Bed Bug Exterminator Services

Q: What steps do I need to take to prepare for a bed bug heat treatment?
A: Check out our Bed Bug Heat Home Preparation Video below

 Q: Will my TV be ok?
A: Bed Bug Heat Treatment is safe for electronics (flat screen TV’s, Cd’s, DVD’s etc…)

Q: Other companies have told me I have to throw out my mattress. Is that right?
A: No need to discard bedding or other furniture. Compared to buying a new bed a treatment is inexpensive.

Q: Won’t the bed bugs just move out of the room and get away?
A: NO- The gradual rise in temperatures and properly administered air currents ensure bed bugs do not leave treated space.

Q: Where did they come from and how did I get them?
A: Click a link for more information:


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