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Whether you need ongoing pest control services or a quick solution to removing pests from your home - we've got you covered. All of our protocols are rooted in science; Effective and Affordable, without ever jeopardizing the safety of anything...except the target pests!  We can provide continuous termite and general pest protection for most homes for less than $50 per month!

Zero tolerance for pests!

If you have a pest problem – or don’t want to have one –
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Pest Control Services

Prevent Pests with Bug Zero

From the common pests - like ants, spiders, and roaches -  to those you’ve never heard of, Bug Zero has the solution. Don't let the problem become worse than it has to. Let our licensed pest control professionals handle the problem.

Home Pest Control Services

For your home, prevent pests with Bug Zero’s signature InsectaShield® service.  We can provide termite and general pest protection for most homes for less than $50 per month!

Specialized Pest Control Services

We offer specialized treatments for Bed Bug Removal and Termite Extermination as well as Aquatic, and Mosquito services.

Bed Bug Elimination Services

Our experienced technicians have undergone specialized training to learn effective methods for eliminating bed bugs. We've found that the most effective means of treating and eradicating bed bug problems is heat treatments.

Learn More About Our Bed Bug Removal Services

Termite Extermination Services

We provide pre-treatments to prevent termites from feeding on your home which leads to structural damage. This could become extremely costly if pre-treatments aren't done. We also provide termite inspection and treatment services. If you're seeing signs of termite damage - don't hesitate to call for an inspection.

Learn More About Our Termite Services

Aquatic Pest Removal Services

If you have a pond in your yard and are experiencing unwanted fish or other aquatic species - we can help. We have specialized aquatic pest removal and maintenance services to help with these issues. Although, the page is listed under our commercial services, we also happily offer these services to our residential customers. The same is true with our mosquito services.

Learn More About Our Aquatic Pest Removal Services

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