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Fly Control Trap
Fly Control Light Trap

Bug Zero offers a full range of “add on” service options for fly control at your commercial facility.

Options that include:

  • Insect Light Traps (image of Plasma One Light Trap and ftp 30 ILT)
  • Liquid Fly Bait
  • Drain treatments for small fly control such as fruit flies.

With the purchase of Insect Light Traps from Bug Zero, we will install the trap for you. Along with the installation we offer continuous maintenance of your Insect Light Trap including annual bulb replacement prior to peak fly pressure season and replacement of glue boards at your scheduled service.

Commonly asked questions regarding fly control devices:

Q: Why not install an ILT in the dining room? That’s where the problem is.

A: Traps designed for installation in customer areas trade off effectiveness for pleasing aesthetics. It is normally much more effective and less expensive to install a more aggressive unit near the fly entry point, usually near the receiving door.

Q: Why should we pay a maintenance fee all year round?

1) Level billing is consistent with Bug Zero’s philosophy of never “nickel and diming” the client. One flat fee covers annual bulb replacement, unlimited glue board maintenance, trap cleaning, and general maintenance.
2) To simplify bookkeeping both for the client and for Bug Zero. Avoid the risk of overcharges after fly season ends.
3) If the maintenance service were billed only during fly season, it would be much higher than the amount currently charged.
4) Some clients question the need to replace bulbs annually and refuse to authorize payment for new bulbs. This invariably leads to unsatisfactory performance from the ILT and eventually to bulb replacement late in fly season. We replace all bulbs at the beginning of fly season so traps perform at their peak level when needed most.

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